Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lose Weight Fast

A great way to lose weight is by making sure you first balance your blood sugar levels. An easy way of accomplishing that is by finding a meal replacement that will provide you with high nutritional value. This will help you curb your appetite from craving calories that you do not need. It will also help balance your blood sugar levels. My personal experience is with a health product called RVL(pronounced reveal) by MonaVie. It tastes amazing and you can mix with milk and MonaVie Acai Juice. You can then also enjoy the RVL bars that are a part of the RVL weight loss program. This process will help you achieve your weight loss and help you build lean muscle. If you want to look and feel great, start with the basics then add exercise once your nutrition levels are perfected. This will keep you marching toward your Health goals because your body won't burnout from the daily Stress that you encounter.

Blood Sugar First, Then Excercise Later

To achieve your health goals you must first start by balancing your Blood Sugar. A great way to achieve this is by cutting out processed sugar. This includes any type of white flower or processed white sugar. You will experience better health and will drop a waist size or two. To accomplish this goal it helps to start getting your sugar from fruit or vegetables. Good healthy snacks can keep you from reaching for the white flower and processed sugars that are in all junk foods and (reg. and diet) soda pop. These Snacks can include hard-boiled eggs, mixed nuts, fruits, vegetables, or even protein meal replacements. You will have to be cautious on what you choose as there are many bars, shakes, and healthy alternatives that may not be so healthy. Make sure you stick to Natural Foods or foods that don't have artificial colors and flavors. Another good Snack can be a Dark Chocolate Bar(I love the Dove). Once you take the plunge and balance your blood sugar, you will be light years closer to achieving the Health you Deserve!